Attorney-Man: The Saga Continues

Attorney-Man: The Saga Continues

Here’s what’s been going on in the world of Attorney-Man.

Attorney-Man: The Dog, the Case, and the Court Judge

The law can be complicated—even more so when it comes to injuries and children. In this chapter of Attorney-Man, we look at his most recent victory in his fight to protect the injured.

Peter’s Problem

Peter played in his driveway like he did every other day. But as he and his friends were playing, their basketball bounced up and over the fence. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to slip into his neighbor’s backyard to retrieve the ball.

He climbed over the fence, dropped down, and immediately locked eyes with the neighbor’s rescue dog, Butch—the same dog he waved to each day from his own yard.

Peter Comes Face to Face with Butch

The dog growled. He wasn’t usually mean or vicious, but abuse before he was rescued had made him incredibly territorial. As Peter attempted to grab the ball and run, the dog chased after him and bit him on the leg as he climbed the fence.

Peter’s leg bled badly. Limping back home, he finally collapsed at the door. His mother shrieked and rushed him to the local emergency room, where he was given a rabies shot and stitches from his ankle to his knee.

Recovering After a Dog Bite

It took Peter nearly eight months to heal. The muscles along his thigh became infected, and, eventually, surgery to remove part of the muscle was required. As medical bills piled up, Peter’s mother and father realized he would struggle to walk from that day forward.

In despair, they considered selling their home and taking on extra work to pay bills and support themselves. No matter what they did, it just wasn’t enough.

They attempted to seek compensation from the neighbors who owned the dog, but they were advised that, because Peter trespassed, they wouldn’t get anywhere.

Attorney-Man Takes the Case

That’s when someone flashed the signal; Attorney-Man was on the case! You didn’t think Attorney-Man’s only job was chasing down ferocious criminals, did you? Fortunately, he’s here to help victims in all sorts of cases—even injury claims involving dog bites. For Peter and his family, having Attorney-Man on their side made a huge difference.

With a knock at the door and a smile, Attorney-Man informed Peter and his family that all was not lost. He showed them a clear path forward and suggested using the dog’s history as proof that the neighbors didn’t do enough to protect the public from the dog. Even if someone trespassed, he or she should have been safe from being bitten.

Attorney-Man also brought up the fact that the dog would have done the same thing to a mailman, utility provider, or gas line maintenance man—all people who have access to the property.

Imagine what might happen to the mailman if he catches the dog on the wrong day? These workers would not only suffer serious injuries, but they’d also likely not be able to work again. In this case, the mailman would likely be entitled to compensation for loss of his ability to work, as well as his injuries.

According to Attorney-Man, it was bad enough that Peter would probably face years of therapy and rehabilitation efforts for the rest of his life. He and his family shouldn’t also have to pay the consequences of a vicious dog bite by themselves.

Attorney-Man Saves the Day

In the end, the judge decided that the neighbors made at least some effort to keep the dog restrained. She also conceded that the neighbors were still responsible for any harm caused by their dog, even if injuries occurred when the boy was trespassing.

She awarded Peter and his parents enough compensation to cover all his medical bills, as well as his future physical therapy, but refused to grant pain and suffering.

This was at least enough to save the family’s home. It wasn’t perfect, but it was more than the nothing they thought they would get and far more than they would have received without Attorney-Man’s assistance.

Fortunately for Peter and his family, Attorney-Man showed up right on time and saved the day once again!